7 Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do Without Spending Too Much Money

Are you an outdoor person who likes to get his or her hands dirty every once in a while?

If you are, then I’m sure you are aware that there are just some fun outdoor activities that you can’t do because they will cost you a lot of your hard-earned money.

Playing golf, polo, jet skiing, and archery will require you to buy the necessary equipment to be able to do them, and some of them may just too expensive for you.

Now, what about I tell you some fun outdoor activities that you can do without spending too much money? That would be great, right?

Of course it will, fortunately for you, I’ve got seven fun outdoor activities that I know of, and I’ve listed all of them below.

Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do Without Spending Too Much


If you live near the beach, then going for a swim often can be a nice outdoor activity for you to do each week, or even every single day.

Swimming is one of the best sports because it maximizes the use of all your body parts— from your feet to your arms up to your head. That’s one of the reasons why swimmers have better-looking body than other athletes in the world.

Swimming is perfect for those…

  • Living near the beach
  • Who wants to be in shape
  • Who like getting wet


Second on this list of fun outdoor activities is biking. Biking will only require you one single equipment and that is a bike. You can either rent one out or buy one yourself. There are a lot of good but cheap bikes out in the market today that you could buy, one of them is the Diamondback Century 2. You can get The Diamondback Century 2, one of the best cheap bikes today, for only $999.

Diamondback Century 2

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You can even join a biking club in your community if ever there is one, and hang out with people who you share the same interest with. You’ll meet new friends, and also get yourself some valuable exercise that can make you healthier.

Biking is perfect for those…

  • Who like to get in shape
  • Who love roaming around
  • Who has a bike


Fishing is one of the best hobbies today that will not cost you that much money. All you need is a fishing rod, tackle and some bait. Fortunately for you, you can even get those bait for free if you know where, and how to catch them.

Tip: Try to dig some holes in your garden

After you secure those things, it’s now time to head out to the nearest body of water (e.g. river, sea, lake) in your neighborhood and catch those fishes.

Fishing is perfect for those…

  • Living near a body of water
  • Who know how to catch bait
  • Who enjoy getting wet

Volunteering at animal shelters

Are you an animal lover?

If you are, then this outdoor activity is perfect for you. Why?

It’s because you can be with animals— those who are in need of care and attention. You can get a chance to be with tens, even hundreds of animals, in a single day and take care of them.

You can even go to a shelter of your choice like going to your local pound and be with dogs of different kinds, or a sanctuary where you can take care of wild animals.

fun outdoor activity with a dog

Volunteering at animal shelters is perfect for those…

  • Living near an animal shelter
  • Who love animals
  • Who like getting their hands dirty

Visit the park or a botanical garden

Most cities these days have their own park and some have their very own botanical gardens. If you like plants and trees, then heading to those places will be good for you.

Your only expense will be for your transportation, but if have a bike that you could use, then use it. You’ll get the chance to enjoy two outdoor activities all at the same time.

Visiting the park or botanical garden is perfect for those…

  • Living near those areas
  • Who love to see plants and trees
  • Who like getting their hands dirty

Flying a kite

Just like other fun outdoor activities listed above, flying a kite will not require you to spend a huge amount of money. The only thing that you’ll be needing is (guess it)… a KITE, and nothing else.

If you have children, then take them with you, I’m sure they will enjoy this outdoor activity if you’ll be able to find the right place to fly those kites.

Flying a kite is perfect for those…

  • Who know a good place that is windy
  • Who have children (ages 5-10 years old)
  • Who enjoys seeing a kite fly up in the air


This outdoor activity is my favorite of all outdoor activities that exist nowadays. I enjoy playing basketball, and I’ve been playing the game since I was 6 years old.

All you need is a basketball and a court to play on to, after that, all you need to do is unleash the “Lebron James” or “Kevin Durant” hiding inside of you. I’m just kidding. :)

Now, I just have some tips that I want to share with you when it comes to playing basketball, first is call your friends and play with them. Playing basketball alone isn’t as fun as playing with other people.

Second, do not take it personal and just play your game.

Get your own basketball today for only $12.99!

Basketball is perfect for those…

  • Who knows how to play it
  • Who has friends who know how to play basketball
  • Who like to be in shape

Do you know other fun outdoor activities not mentioned above?

If you do, then feel free to share it in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: O.II.O and Eddy Van 3000

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  1. says

    Since we are living here that surrounded by a farm, flying kite would be my first choice, especially that it’s summer day here in our country. I love jogging/walking too together my younger sister and my daughter.

  2. Neil says

    Mark–I am curious: where can you get the Diamondback Century 2 for $700? It sells for $999 everywhere I have seen. Thanks for informing.

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