Is Online Shopping Safe?

ways to be safe when online shopping

Have you ever order something from Ebay or Amazon? If you already did, then you're well-aware of online shopping, right? Online shopping has already taken over the world, or in computer terms, the Internet by ... [Continue Reading...]

Is Having An Emergency Fund A Need or A Luxury?

saving for an emergency fund

Emergency fund is now a common term in the finance world. To give you an idea about what is an emergency fund, here are some examples how different personal finance bloggers define the words "emergency fund". What ... [Continue Reading...]

5 Benefits Of Investing That You Need To Know Now

be an investor and go to wall street

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Bill Gates: 35 Inspiring Quotes From The World’s Richest Man

bill gates a great leader and a rich man

Who is Bill Gates? Bill Gates is the man behind one of the successful companies of this generation, Microsoft, and of course, the richest man in the world today with a net worth of $77.8 billion dollars. (Accurate ... [Continue Reading...]

7 Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do Without Spending Too Much Money

outdoor swimming at the beach

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What To Do With A Windfall?

windfall and lottery tickets

The following article was written by one of our contributors. You can know more about him at the end of this post. Before you read our contributor's article, let me give you the definition of the word "windfall" ... [Continue Reading...]

11 Ways You Can Do To Save Money While Traveling

ways to save money while traveling and an airplane

Do you want to see the world, like I do, but you think that you don't have enough money to do so? Well, you should think again. You can still travel without spending too much, and if you like, I can tell you eleven ... [Continue Reading...]

Five Types Of Investors — Which Group Do You Belong?

investing in wall street

Investing is known to be one of the best way you can do to grow your saved money without exerting that much effort. What most investors don't know is that it can also help you grow as a person too. How? It can ... [Continue Reading...]